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Severn ASSAP



Aims and Objectives

About Severn ASSAP

Severn ASSAP is a regional group of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena based in the South West of England, predominantly in the Somerset, Bristol and Gloucestershire areas. All Severn ASSAP members are members of ASSAP, with many being qualified as NRPI (National Register of Professional Investigators) and some  AAI (Approved ASSAP Investigators), having undergone investigation training with ASSAP. We are able to undertake investigation and research into anomalous phenomena occurrences whether referred to the group or instigated by the group members.

The aim of Severn ASSAP is to promote research and investigation into all types of anomalous phenomena, providing opportunities for ASSAP members to get involved in field work, research and events of interest.

Membership of Severn ASSAP is open to all current ASSAP members and involvement with the group depends on your training status and membership fee status. Throughout the year, the group provides planned investigation events for members as well as education and social events, dependant on interest.

Our membership information can be found here. Severn ASSAP is a strictly, not for profit group and membership fees cover running costs and insurance only.

Areas of Interest
Current members are heavily involved in the investigation of haunting phenomena, including apparitions and poltergeist activity, but the group will research UFO phenomena, Crypto Zoology and other forms psychical research whenever called upon, dependant on the expertise within the group. The group holds a strictly belief neutral philosophy and will always adopt scientific methodology during investigation and research.

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