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For those in a hurry, here is a list of some key pages on the ASSAP website. The pages listed below contain topics not often aired but which are, nevertheless, key to understanding how paranormal reports originate and are investigated. There are many links off these 'gateway' pages allowing you to explore certain subjects in greater detail.

Key causes of many paranormal reports

(see also visual substitution, corner of the eye phenomena, eliminating misperception, witness memory, xenonormal, being psychic, quick guide to misperception)

Near sleep experiences
(see also All in the Mind, mindsight)

Coincidences and the paranormal
(see also xenonormal)

Magnetic hallucinations
(see also the haunted bed 1, the haunted bed 2)

Hauntings and ghosts

What we know about ghosts
(see also hot spots, cold spots, have you seen a ghost, ghostly sounds, symptoms of a haunting, shadow ghosts, ghosts as spirits, new house effect, types of ghost, ghost detectors, opening doors, magnetism and ghosts, geology and ghosts)

Paranormal photos

Paranormal photos
(see also ghost photos, orbs, orb zone, flying rods, vortex, mist, light trails)

Paranormal investigation methods

Methods of investigation
(see also instrumentation, investigation hints, analysing EVP, EMF meters, data loggers, thermal imaging, paranormal sounds, modern approach, eliminating the normal)

There are many other pages on the ASSAP website with lots more information. The best place to start an in depth exploration of the site would be articles or the site map. For ongoing developments, see the blog.