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ASSAP has been running the Paranormal Olympics for a few years now, just for fun, and as an informal introduction to the world of psychic testing. It is not meant to be taken seriously as it would be impossible to conduct such tests in informal settings without some serious flaws!

These are the results and answers for the Paranormal Olympics event that took place at the ASSAP Seriously Strange conference in September 2011 in Bath, UK. Note that individuals are identified by initials.

Overall scores

(TOP 2)       (BOTTOM 2)  
Initials  score    Initials        score
1) MR    30   PR    4
2) SM  24    PDy      6

Average score was:  9.88

Highest scorers in each category

ESP:     EP   16 (out of 30)
Psychometry:    APG  6 (out of a possible 10)
Remote Viewing A: AC 2 (out of a possible 5)
Remote Viewing B:  NB 5 (out of a possible 10)
Dowsing: 6 people* 10 (out of a possible 10)
PK: no one 0

The Conference overall scored less than chance, the chance score being 10 and the average 9.88                           

The answers

Game 1: Zener card chance score was 6. Participants' highest score was 16, lowest was 2

Game 2: Psychometry

Psychometry targetAll three objects belonged to the person pictured right. Points were given for underlining the words: MALE; LIGHT-SKINNED; DARK-HAIRED;  MIDDLE-AGED, BRITISH. Extra points were given for specific details such as: COMPUTERS / I.T., BELFAST/N. IRELAND, KNEE INJURY, MOTORBIKES, HIKING...


Game 3: Remote viewing

Remote viewing target box A BOX A:  Contained a green toothbrush

Remote viewing target B BOX B: The photograph was of a well known landmark on the Isle of Skye: 'The Old Man of Storr' or 'The Storr.' Points were scored for words like pointy, tall, rocks, cliffs, stones, Scotland, sky, Skye, green, lake... The site was chosen for its relative obscurity to make it more difficult to guess.

Game 4: Dowsing

The water pipe was 2.
The electrical cable was in pipe 4.

Game 6: PK/ SLIders

With a nod to the late Hilary Evans, this test was to find a SLIder amongst you. None found yet!

Game 7: The Haunted Chair

The question was “Which of these chairs has been involved in a poltergeist outbreak?”

The answer was – Neither*

The chairs were chosen for their context – both chairs could have been 'haunted', however, as far as we know, neither chair had been involved in a poltergeist outbreak.

*Apologies for being sneaky about this one. We were testing you for suggestibility! The question was deliberately misleading, rather than an outright lie, to see how many people would respond to the suggestion that one chair or the other, was haunted. This is important when considering contextual bias while investigating allegedly haunted venues.

The vast majority of participants decided that if one of the chairs was haunted, they would 'feel' something, which they did.
(29 people said Chair A was the one, while 30 said Chair B, 2 said both were haunted, 8 didn't answer.)

On the belief scale, participants scored 0.58 overall.

This is on a scale from 0 (tend not to believe) to 1 (tend to believe).

Individual scores

Paranormal Olympics individual scores


Many thanks for taking part in the Paranormal Olympics!