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ASSAPThe ASSAP website changes on an almost daily basis. This may not be apparent if you only look at the home or news pages. However, 'under the bonnet' things change a lot. This is particularly true of paranormal research tips and hints. New information from research and researchers is incorporated as soon as it arrives.

Though the main purpose of this paranormal blog page is to point out recent changes and provide some background to them, the blog will also include some comments of general interest to the paranormal research community.

Oct 2007: Summary of recent updates before this blog started

Started a blog page to allow people who visit the site regularly to spot the frequent updates without having to search too far.

Main page update: Paranormal blog

It was noted that some UFOs are 'discovered' in photos when they were not noticed at the time of exposure. This is similar to the situation with orbs. Indeed, some may be orbs! However, most are probably out of focus insects, birds or falling leaves silhouetted against the sky.

Main page update: New kinds of UFOs

William Shakespeare made an unlikely appearance in the ASSAP website!

Main page update: Culture

With so many orb pages now on the site, it made sense to have an index page to make it easier to get round them. In addition, a new page describes how the Orb Zone Theory works as a scientific theory.

Main pages updated: Orb central, Orb Zone Theory

ASSAP has changed its phone contact numbers.

Main pages updated: Home, Media, Contact us, Report a case

Weird glowing shapeOrbs, and other strange photos, continue to fascinate lots of people. It is probably because people take so many more photos since the advent of digital photography. Without having to pay for film to be developed, it is not unusual now for people to take huge numbers of photos day after day. Inevitably, some of these photos will contain anomalies or oddities, often only noticed once the photographer has arrived home.

Lens flare is usually fairly obvious - a bright light source on, or more often just off, the frame and a line of orb-like lights emanating from it. However, lens flare can sometimes be almost indistinguishable from orbs. So a page concentrating on lens flare became necessary.

Another interesting photographic anomaly can occur if you get water drops on your camera lens. The droplets work like lenses in their own right and produce a strange, glowing shape (see photo, right). If you take photos at night in the rain you can expect these bizarre, spectacular anomalies. You can also expect a lot of conventional orbs!

New pages: Lens flare, weird glowing shapes

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This blog does not contain ALL changes, just the major ones. Minor updates occur all the time.