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Witness testimony, for better or worse, forms the bedrock of evidence for spontaneous paranormal or anomalous events.

Important to establish something has happened. Alweays something behind a reporty whether objective or subjective. Instruments do not record the paranormal, people only interpret their readings as odd

as paranormal investighators our job is essentially to explain witness reports, if possible.

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it is unreliable


'layers' of problems:

top one is memory - confabulation etc. Cognitive interviewing techniques, only recently in use (though ASSAP has used something like them since its inception) can recover as much of the true memory as still exists . everyone confabultes (like adding a 'new' detail to a true anedite every time they retell it) but most people only do it to a tiny degree.

next layer: misperception - everyone misperceives all the time the trick is detecting it and determining if it is important to a particular account - no interviewing technique can help with this as it happens before memory is formed - only recently realised what a major problem it is - now developing techniques - central are site survey and reconstruction to see if it could have happened - also things to look out for in accounts like whether the misperceived object was noted at the tim, were there any distractions etc

next layer: psychological suggestion - can be unconscious (note culture etc) note over-dramatised cases - see page where that is

next layer: coincidence - all events are reported as true but simply a coincidence!

do table of factors causing problems?

old cases before cognitive interviewing and misperception - doubtful testimony!!!

what might witnesses be missing? real causes of xenonormal phenomena? not recognising what they are seeing? like gorilla video