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The word 'consciousness' is used a lot in paranormal research. Ghosts are seen by some as conscious, OOBEs and NDEs as consciousness wandering free of the physical body and so on. Although consciousness remains a contentious term in philosophy and science, most neuroscientists now see it as essentially self-awareness and some memory functions. It is the bit of your brain that gives you a continuous wide-screen, surround-sound view of the world around you. It is where you make executive decisions, like what to eat for lunch.

That leaves the unconscious functions of the brain. This is where nearly all the really exciting stuff actually happens, like perception and motor control. We only see the edited highlights of what the unconscious does which is probably why so much attention is paid to the much more conspicuous consciousness. Science is only now starting to realise the enormous amount the unconscious bits of our brains do for us, largely unnoticed. The fact that we don't notice what is going on above our noses may be key to understanding many paranormal reports.

It now seems likely that much of what is reported as paranormal may actually originate in the unconscious part of our brains. For instance, misperception is probably responsible for most reports of ghosts and haunting activity. A further large chunk of the remaining such reports are probably accounted for by near sleep experiences. Latent memory (or cryptomnesia) may account for many reports of apparently psychic experiences.

If only more people more aware of how the unconscious bits of our brains worked, and how they affected the conscious bit, the number of paranormal reports would probably reduce significantly. It is our lack of understanding of how things like perception works that often makes us see things as paranormal when they are xenonormal. We are, indeed, haunted by our own brains.


Stuff to include: perception based on experience - some stuff innate like recognising faces but the rest from experience

top-down perception