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Spotted ghostHow many goes did it take? The 'ghost' consists of two ellipses placed together and then shaded green to vaguely resemble a human figure. At this resolution it could also have been a bush or small tree.

There is an expanded version of the 'ghost' in the photo here. The 'ghost' is right in the centre. It vaguely resembles someone from the side wearing a hat. There is even an impression of an arm. Note how the colours, though similar to the surrounding foliage, are distinct from them. None of these 'features' were drawn intentionally. It consists merely of two ellipses, slightly shaded green.

Note how the slightly pixelated look tends to add to the impression of a figure. This is because the 'ghost' is near the limit of the resolution of the photo (typical of many anomalous photos). This 'noise' factor often increases the impression of a face or a figure in an otherwise random shape in a photo.

To return to the photo, click here. The 'ghost' will probably look painfully obvious in the original photo now that you've found it.