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How many goes did it take? The 'ghost' is actually a real live animal (probably an ibex) this time. It was spotted at the same location, at the same time, but comes from another photo.

Spot the ghost close upThere is an expanded version of the 'ghost' animal in the photo here. The 'ghost' animal is right in the centre. It is still not that obvious because of its cryptic colouration. However, the sharp edges of the insertion and the fact that it is fuzzier than its supposed background show that it is the product of photo manipulation.

The 'ghost' is near the limit of the resolution of the photo (typical of many anomalous photos). This 'noise' factor often increases the impression of a face or a figure in an otherwise random shape in a photo.

To return to the photo, click here. The 'ghost' will probably look painfully obvious in the original photo now that you've found it.