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ASSAP: Paranormal Education
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  • ASSAP was formed, in 1981, as an educational charity with the following aims: to obtain, store, process and disseminate information concerning those areas of human experience and observed phenomena for which no generally acceptable explanation is as yet forthcoming; to encourage and aid investigation and research into these phenomena, by the creation or co-ordination of investigative groups and by the provision of consultative resources, technical facilities etc; to provide a multi-disciplinary forum for the exchange of views and information concerning these phenomena.

  • ASSAP has no corporate views; views expressed by any individual member are theirs alone

  • ASSAP actively promotes the use of the scientific method of investigating anomalous phenomena

  • All are welcome as members, whatever their views, beliefs, interests or exposure (if any) to science, provided they subscribe to the use of scientific methods to investigate anomalous phenomena

  • ASSAP encourages debate provided it is understood that (a) opinions are personal (and not ASSAP's) and that (b) members are not harassed for any reason (eg. because of their views)

  • ASSAP aims to educate its members, as well as the wider public, in the use of scientific methods for anomaly research through courses, publications and informal contacts between members and by maintaining an Accredited Investigators network

  • ASSAP also aims to spread its scientific methods through affiliated groups; while such groups remain independent, they should adhere to ASSAP's principles and where acting on ASSAP's behalf, must refrain from expressing personal opinions or acting in any way which could be potentially damaging to the reputation of ASSAP. ASSAP maintains informal links with non-affiliated groups and non-members for the purpose of information exchange