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Michael Bentine Memorial Shield
The Michael Bentine Memorial Shield


Michael Bentine was ASSAP's president before Lionel Fanthorpe. He was a famous comedian who appeared in the The Goon Show as well as his own It's a Square World.

Less well known (except to people who went to his lectures or read his books) was that he had a life-long interest in the paranormal.

After his death in 1996, ASSAP decided to honour his memory with the Michael Bentine Memorial Shield. It is awarded annually to the investigator who has produced the best case report.


Winners of the shield

  • William Eyre 1997-8
  • Andrew Homer and Dennis Bache 1998-9
  • Terry Hewitt 1999-2000
  • James Clark 2001-2
  • William Eyre and Lee Darwood 2002-3
  • Dylan Jones 2005-6
  • Cherill Penton 2006-7
  • Caroline Pick 2007-8
  • Cherill Penton 2008-9
  • David Taylor & Parasearch 2009-10