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ASSAP vigil - investigation in a cave

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A vigil is a visit to allegedly haunted premises to try to record anomalous phenomena. Unlike spontaneous reports from casual witnesses, the idea of a vigil is to control and measure the environment to try to eliminate possible natural causes (see vigils in the dark).

Due to the popularity of vigils on TV, some people have come to regard them as an entire investigation. In fact, they should form just the final, optional, part of a whole case. Such a case will also involve interviewing primary witnesses and examining the site for possible natural explanations, at the very least. Without this information we cannot know if it is even worth holding a vigil.

Go an a ghost vigil!

See the news page for details of the any future vigils that you can go on. Experience is not necessary.


ASSAP vigils

  • There are organised vigils for any member who is interested - there is a booking form in the members area
  • ASSAP AAIs (on the National Register of Approved Investigators) may sometimes be invited by other investigators to help on a vigil as part of an on-going investigation