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Contact details

Contact ASSAP's Media Department by phone at 0845 652 1649 (though please note you may get an answer phone at times) or email here. Email is the most efficient means of contact.

ASSAP's way of working

ASSAP works in a neutral, scientific way. It does not have corporate views and does not promote any beliefs (or disbeliefs) in the paranormal. It is dedicated to scientific research and education.


ASSAP has been investigating the anomalous and paranormal since 1981. In that time we've appeared in many media outlets.

Just a few examples are BBC Radio 4, The Sunday Express Magazine, BBC2 TV's Video Diaries, Strange but True, Talk Radio UK, Tokyo Radio, The Paranormal World of Paul McKenna, Out of This World, BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Bristol, Radio Swansea Sound, BBC World Service, World Service TV, New Scientist and many more.

Anomalous phenomena

Anomalous phenomena divide broadly into four areas: psychic phenomena (ghosts, telepathy, mediumship, etc.), Fortean phenomena (cryptozoology, fish falling from the sky, etc.), Earth Mysteries (leys, archaeoastronomy, etc.) and UFOs. For a more extensive list see our FAQ.


Please bear in mind that ASSAP is staffed by volunteers who have other jobs.  However, we can provide quotes at short notice.



What we can do

  • We can put you in touch with experts in paranormal research
  • We can answer queries about the paranormal
  • We can show you how we work

What we can't do

  • We cannot supply details of psychics or mediums
  • We do not supply confidential details of witnesses or cases
  • We do not do major background research except by special agreement


For more information on who we are and what we do, read our FAQ.

For assorted articles showing what we have done, click here.