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Executive officers
Training Officer   Nicky Sewell : Training Officer: Email address
Nicky Sewell   Nicky Sewell is a recent psychology graduate and has a firm commitment to the scientific method. At 21 she was a charity trustee and university governor and hopes to use her understanding of charity law and constitutional matters to the benefit of ASSAP. As a qualified trainer, she is able to use these skills to help develop the organisation and its members. Research areas of interest include human factors in the experiencing of anomalous phenomena and the role of the subconscious in creating or eliciting phenomena.
Chairman   Dave Wood: Chairman: Email address
Dave Wood   Dave is ASSAP's Chair. Dave is a graduate of the University of Plymouth and is co-founder of Paranormal Site Investigators ( and is co-editor of its Journal of Investigative Psychical Research. Dave's research interests are hauntings, paranormal belief, experiencer psychology and photographic anomalies. Apart from research, Dave perceives his main role in the Chair as modernising the Association.
Media   Carrie Searley: Secretary and Media Officer: Email address
Caroline Searley   Carrie has been a member of ASSAP since 1999 and first joined the exec several years later. Her interest within this field first became apparent when she was 17 after she experienced a particular type of phenomena. Carrie now holds the posts of company secretary and media officer. In addition to this she is also an active member of the newly established National Investigations Committee. Carrie has had the pleasure of watching ASSAP evolve over the past decade and is honoured to be involved in the current modernisation of the charity. Outside ASSAP life she has 2 children and works as a music producer and photographer. Her work within the paranormal field has also led her to embark on a major new TV project which takes up most of her spare time.
Publications   Sarah Spellman: Publications Officer: Email address
Sarah Spellman   Sarah has been interested in unusual phenomena from an early age. She serves on ASSAP'S National Investigations Committee, which helps to promote the use of scientific and ethical methods among investigators. With a background in communications and marketing, she now works as a freelance charity fundraiser and consultant. She is looking forward to using her skills to produce Seriously Strange, ASSAP's quarterly magazine, and the peer-reviewed journal Anomaly.
Events   Clare Lewis: Events Officer: Email address
Clare Lewis   Clare hosts a paranormal radio show and contributes to several websites. She also runs a paranormal shop and hosts events in Cornwall. Clare takes post in ASSAP’s 30th year so as well as ensuring the smooth-running of regular events she is spear-heading promotion of ASSAP’s 30th anniversary.
Heritage   Ian Topham : Heritage Officer: Email address
Ian Topham   Ian has been actively investigating the paranormal for over 19 years, most of which has been in association with ASSAP, who he became an AI for 17 years ago. Ian's key areas of research, interest and experience are within the scientific investigation of haunting phenomena and he has extensive experience in researching individual claims of the paranormal such as psychic ability, clairvoyance and mediumship. His perspective is one more from the point of view of the nature of the experience (what form they take / images / feelings, etc) and what this may tell us about such experiences, both psychologically and possibly parapsychologically. Ian co-created the MysteriousBritain & Ireland website with fellow researcher Daniel Parkinson in 2000 and when he is not abseiling into caves, trying to keep his canoe afloat and getting lost looking for ancient monuments, he can be found performing marriage ceremonies at Gretna Green
Education   Simone Taylor : Education Officer: Email address
Simone Taylor   Simone has been a member of ASSAP since March 2006 alongside spending the past 10 years initially as part of other Paranormal Research groups, and from December 2006 co-founder of her own Midlands based group (WOLF). Following childhood experiences of perceived paranormal phenomena, the need to find answers continued into adulthood where she actively participates in investigations of alleged hauntings. Particular interests include Ouija boards, séances, Extra-Sensory Perception and Mediumship. Simone is a graduate of the University of Warwick and works in the education sector where she provides Learning and Development consultancy nationally, and lectures in English language and IT at a local college. Her specific areas of interest are in making learning accessible to everyone via E-Learning, M-Learning and the development of Learning Management Systems. Simone’s role as Education Officer is to co-produce a suite of accredited qualifications to support ASSAP’s status as a Government recognised professional body for investigators of anomalous phenomena.
Membership   Alison Wills: Membership Secretary: Email address
Alison Wills   Alison has recently joined ASSAP and will be responsible for the co-ordination of proof reading and peer review of articles for the ASSAP Magazine and Anomaly. She works as an administrator for a government funded organisation dealing in bioscience research and training. She is looking forward to learning more about the paranormal from a scientific point of view. She is a keen quizzer, reader, and lover of films, theatre and cheesy 80s music.
Treasurer   Steve Wills : Treasurer: Email address
Steve Wills   Steve has been interested in the paranormal since his early school days when his mother said she saw his deceased grandfather at the foot of the bed during his birth. He has been actively investigating through a local group (PSI) for over 5 years and is currently in his second stint as an executive member of ASSAP, formerly as Groups Officer. Steve’s main field of interest is in haunting phenomena and he regularly researches the subject. Steve openly admits that he is a skeptic but has an open mind and is willing to be convinced by scientific proof.
Education   David Ball : Education Officer: Email address
David Ball   David is a passionate Paranormal Investigator who has actively researched anomalous phenomena for several years. He was part of a midlands based paranormal group before co-founding his own group, WOLF, shortly after joining ASSAP in October 2006. His particular areas of interest include ESP, Mediumship, concepts of time-travel, Mayan and Egyptian culture, and quantum physics. Following a successful career in Graphic Design, David undertook his teacher training course at Warwickshire College. His current role as Training Coordinator sees him adopt a very learner-centred approach which has resulted in substantial continuous improvement in the workplace. His position as co-Education Officer for ASSAP will see him actively engage in applying his experience and methodology in the development of the newly accredited qualifications that are soon to be implemented.
Non-executive officers
Vice President   Hugh Pincott: Vice President: Email address
Hugh Pincott  

Hugh Pincott was a founder member of the Association and has held various executive posts including Public Relations Officer, General Secretary, Chairman and latterly Research Officer. His interests span the entire range of the paranormal, and he is a one-time Honorary Secretary of the SPR.

Library   Terry Porter: Archives: Email address
Terry Porter   A life long interest in things weird and wonderful has led me to this position as ASSAP librarian. I live in a supposedly haunted 200 year old mill worker's cottage in the deepest, wildest part of Derbyshire. I also have a love of books and one of the strangest senses of humour known to mankind. I have just been appointed town crier for Belper and am now looking forward to being able to shout my head off in the middle of the street and not get into trouble for it.