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There is a lot of information about orbs on this web site. This page is provided as a map to find what you are looking for.


What are orbs?
Orb FAQ (introductory)

Orb Zone Theory
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Paranormal orbs?

Orb FAQ (detailed)
Orbs: reasons to believe
Glowing shapes on wet nights
Flying rods


Introduction to orbs

Orbs are circles of light, generally varying between white and dull grey, that appear in some photographs. They became common with early digital cameras but are gradually becoming rarer as technology improves. Some people took orbs to be a paranormal phenomenon, particularly when they showed up in photos of haunted locations. For a rapid introduction to orbs, see here.

Although most serious paranormal researchers regard orbs as just photographic artifacts, interest remains high, particularly among the public and media. The situation isn't helped by the fact that several competing 'natural' theories for orbs (most with serious problems) have been proposed. Recently, the Orb Zone Theory, based on the explanation offered by camera manufacturers and serious photographers, has been applied successfully to the problem of orbs. For detailed analysis of the orb zone see 'exploring the orb zone'.

For more on paranormal photos in general, see here.


Specific orb topics

Daylight orbs
Orbs behind objects
Orb colours
Orb size, transparency
Orb brightness

Orb shapes
Orbs and infra-red
Truncated orbs
Orbs without cameras
Single, lone orbs
Recreating orbs
Alternative orb theories
Orbs not caused by dust
Moving orbs
Orbs with tails
Testing orb zone theory
Orbs with faces
Orbs and EMF meters
Flare and weird shapes
Dust photographed