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What is PASS?

The creation of a database logging all paranormal events in the UK: a bit of a long shot, no doubt, but that’s been one of ASSAP’s long-term plans since the early days. The PASS clippings collection was originally devised as a resource for assessing how the media report the paranormal, but it rapidly outgrew its original remit.


History of PASS

In the beginning we just recorded the source of the publication and a one-line summary of the content. Several thousand articles were processed in this way. But that wasn’t enough. We soon realized that, if the collection was to be of any benefit to the membership, and to researchers and investigators in general, the clippings had to be recorded in a different manner. They had to be accessible to members working on the Traffic Light project, another strand of the ‘Domesday Book of the Paranormal’ (see Project Albion) .

A simple database was created, allowing searches on terms, names, places and so on divided into a number of fields, including a longer summary of the article. This means that simple statistics can be gathered - How many ghost reports do we have for Derby? Are there any haunted pubs in Newcastle that we can visit? And we can also check on the original ‘facts’ of a case, as reported by journalists. Just what was it that X said to the press during that poltergeist case?


What's happening now?

There’s a lot of work going on in the background. While clippings continue to come in, many hundreds of old entries still need to be reworked and new ones created. That’s going to take some time. But, hey, Stonehenge wasn’t built in a day and it will all be worth it in the end. Now, if we could just find a few volunteers willing to take on small batches of articles and write 100-word summaries...

Database online?

It is hoped that PASS will eventually be available online. However, some technical hurdles have to be jumped before that. In addition, a lot more data needs to be input. It's a work in progress.