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Controlled ghost studies

Many people interested in the paranormal do field research in haunted places. However, often this research lacks a scientific focus. If you do ghost research, why not consider a controlled study? We can help you with advice and a grant.

Psi experiments

What about doing some psi experiments? It's not all card guessing. Look at this numerology research, for instance.


Anomaly research ideas

Are you thinking of applying for an ASSAP paranormal research grant? Or maybe your project requires more time and effort than money. Either way, here are a few ideas, though you'll need to develop them into fully practical plans before you apply for a grant (see here). The research department can give you advice if you need it.

Paranormal research isn't all about waiting around in haunted houses for something to happen. Though if you want to do a research project based on that, feel free. The important thing is to come up with a simple 'research question'. Instead of waiting to see what turns up, you try to answer a specific question concerning anomaly research.

Once you have your research question, you should devise a practical plan to find out the answer to your question. Then you're ready to start doing your own research. If you need assistants, contact ASSAP and we can put you in touch with volunteers.

Once you've finished your research, remember to write up a full report. If you like, you can produce a summary for possible publication in Anomaly or on this website .

More paranormal research ideas!

Why not try an alternative approach to paranormal research? Sneak up on the paranormal, as it were!


Feel someone watching?

Many of us feel that we are being watched sometimes but is there more to it than self-consciousness?

Random thoughts

It is possible to buy cheap random number generators for home computers now. With these you could test whether it is possible to bias their output (see ASSAP News 111) by thought alone - PK. But can anything else affect these RNGs, such as electromagnetic fields?

Pinball wizard

It has been observed that when the level of controls is increased on ESP experiments, results drop towards chance. So how much of ESP is really 'improved sensory perception'? Try an experiment to measure the effect of each control being added and compare different people.

Table tilting

Victorian parlour game or PK generator? See here.