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What numerical figures can you see here?

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First try staring at either the left or right digital figures for a while. Then try staring at the other one. Then try staring at the orange thing in the middle for a while (don't turn to look at the figures - just notice if either of them change while still looking straight at the orange bit).

This effect, if any, will vary according to the computer screen you use, the room lighting and your own susceptibility to misperception. If nothing is happening, try varying the light level in the room and your distance from the screen. You could also try putting the figures in your peripheral vision by looking to the left or right so far that they are only just visible (then try moving your head back so that the figures are not so peripheral). You can also try glancing from one number to the other, and back, in case you see something just as you switch viewpoint. Yet another thing to try is to look away from the computer screen for a few seconds, at something quite different and then glance back. Unfortunately, nothing is guaranteed - you may see nothing appear to change.

At first all you are likely to see is the obvious number five. However, if you are lucky, you may see other figures, such as six, nine or eight, appearing in one or more of these attempts.


Rather than an optical illusion, this is an attempt to stimulate a misperception. In other words, it is an attempt to make you see something that is not really there. Nothing is guaranteed with misperception and you may see nothing but a stubborn, continuous number five.

Another test

Now try this one using the same methods as above.

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You might find this one works better. There are other possibilities apart from numbers, such as the letter E or H. This one might work better because it does not correspond to any real number or letter. Or you may find it still doesn't work!

And another

As before, try staring at the leftmost picture below for a while, then the rightmost and finally the orange object in the middle. Without looking at the other 'digit', note if it appears to change in any way, perhaps to represent a different number. Again, it all depends on your computer, the viewing conditions, your viewing angle, your computer monitor and, not least, you as to what you might see. You may see no change at all. Misperception is not an easy thing to illustrate in a fixed situation like this.

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Different test

This time, stare straight at the central photo WITHOUT looking at the outer digits first. Try to work out what the subject of the central photo is. See what you think the digits on each side are, without moving your gaze. Then see if you were right.


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