Who's talking at Seriously Suspicious?


Professor Chris French

Professor Chris FrenchProfessor Chris French is Head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit in the Psychology Department at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, as well as being a Distinguished Supporter of the British Humanist Association and a member of the Scientific and Professional Advisory Board of the British False Memory Society. He has published well over 100 articles and chapters covering a wide range of topics within psychology. His main area of research is the psychology of paranormal beliefs and anomalous experiences. He frequently appears on radio and television casting a sceptical eye over paranormal claims, as well as writing for the Guardian and The Skeptic magazine which, for more than a decade, he also edited. His recent books include Why Statues Weep: The Best of The Skeptic, co-edited with Wendy Grossman (2010, London: Philosophy Press) and Anomalistic Psychology, co-authored with Nicola Holt, Christine Simmonds-Moore, and David Luke (2012, London: Palgrave Macmillan). Follow him on Twitter: @chriscfrench

Tim Tate

Tim TateTim Tate is a best-selling author, multiple award-winning documentary film-maker and investigative journalist.

In a career spanning almost four decades Tim has published thirteen non-fiction books, made almost 80 documentary films for all British and several international networks, and written for national and regional newspapers.

Three of his books have become best-sellers. His films have been honoured by Amnesty International, The Royal Television Society, UNESCO, The Association for International Broadcasting, the New York festivals, the US National Academy of Cable Broadcasting and the International Documentary Association.

Professor Karen Douglas

Professor Karen DouglasKaren Douglas is a Professor in Social Psychology at the University of Kent. In addition to conducting work on the psychology of conspiracy theories, she is involved in projects examining sexism in language, the influence of sexist ideology on attitudes toward pregnant women, and the psychology of internet behaviour.

Andy Thomas

Andy ThomasFor twenty-five years, Andy has investigated many enduring enigmas, including crop circles, UFOs and other paranormal subjects, together with a multitude of classic conspiracy theories, always finding tantalising middle-ground to evoke animated discussion. He also speaks passionately on history, freedom and liberty issues. Andy has appeared on many popular radio and TV shows including major UK spots on The One Show, Richard and Judy, Esther, GMTV and Sky TV’s hit series Pineapple Dance Studios, and on US shows such as Caught on Camera, with appearances on The History Channel and National Geographic Channel. He also featured in the US cinema-released documentary Crop Circles: Quest For Truth.

Andy’s fullest investigation into the mystery realms, The Truth Agenda: Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-Ups and Visions for a New Era, was first published in 2009 and has seen several revised and updated editions since, including a US edition in 2015. The book has been a hit in both ‘fringe’ and mainstream circles, and was adopted as a sociology textbook at Canada’s Vancouver Island University. His book Conspiracies: The Facts – The Theories – The Evidence was published by Watkins Publishing in 2013 and has appeared in several global editions, including US, Chinese and Czech.

Trystan Swale

Trystan SwaleTrystan is a folklorist, artist and former paranormal/fortean investigator. His talks have both delighted and enraged audiences, particularly those on the paranormal, conspiracy theories, the crop circle phenomenon, hoaxing and the role of the trickster in the paranormal.

He has spoken for QED conference 2011, Australian National Skeptics Convention 2013, Seriously Strange (2011 and 2013), Seriously Unidentified (2011) and various events run by organizations across England including schools and colleges, philosophical societies and Skeptics in the Pub groups.

Ben Emlyn-Jones

Ben Emlyn-JonesAlternative researcher, novelist and radio show host Ben Emlyn-Jones founded the HPANWO. A website dedicated to the latest news, views and reviews from the world of Government cover-ups, ghosts, UFO’s, Hospital Porters, paranormal investigation, hidden knowledge, forbidden history and archaeology, chemtrails… and even Hospital Porters. Ben, who has thousands of readers and listeners to his Critical Mass Radio show, is well know for his video reportage containing his political comment and often uses satirical characters to get his point across. He worked as a hospital porter for 22 years and helds an exemplary record until being suspended because of material he posted on his blog website. With that behind him he continues to support hospital porters and other NHS employees in addition to his tireless research in areas that far too many clearly fear to tread. Ben gives lectures about these touchy subjects at events around the UK including at New Horizons and Probe.

Christopher Thresher Andrews

Christopher is a PhD Researcher and Associate Lecturer for the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London, studying conspiracy belief and persecutory delusions. The aim of his research is to explore possible psychopathological links to conspiracy belief, and also to place conspiracy theories into a wider political and social context. He is ThresherX on Twitter. Christopher is part of conspiracypsychology.com, an academic network of psychologists studying conspiracy theories.

Speakers are invited to ASSAP conferences to provide a range of views on subjects requested by delegates. Appearance does not imply endorsement of speakers' views or background.