Haunting Case reports - Paranormal and anomalous articles

Haunting Case reports - Paranormal and anomalous articles
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Selected investigations - You can request these cases via our Library 

Blue Bell Hill by Dave Thomas
Dover Castle by Robin Laurence
White Hart Inn by Tony Wells
Yorkshire Poltergeist by Colin Davies
A School Haunting by William Eyre
Woodchester Mansion by Wendy Milner
Seeing a ghost by Mike White
Lights in the Basement by John and Anne Spencer
Rochester Castle vigil by Robin Laurence
A time slip? by Terry Cox
Shadow ghosts? by Andrew Homer and Dennis Bache
Charlton House by Chris Walton
Ghostly imprint on a bed by Stephen Hall
University ghosts in a vertical column by Chris Huff
Some early SLI reports (street lamp interference)
Flying frogs by Phil Walton
Physical mediumship - materialised hand by Maurice Townsend
The haunted bed & haunted bed 2 by Maurice Townsend
Chislehurst Caves investigation
Haunted cottage investigation by Colin Randall


Recording ghosts - do they exist (‘stone tape theory’)
Magnetic fields that might cause ghosts
Classic hauntings - are they just good ghost stories?
Misperception - the biggest cause of paranormal reports?
Eliminating misperception
Near sleep experiences - a huge source of paranormal reports
Why see ghosts?
Do ghosts favour particular buildings?
Ever had a Hollywood Moment?
EVP Gallery (including experiments)
EVP gallery 2
What exactly IS a haunting?
What is the xenonormal?
Paranormal orbs?
Scientific ghost research
Haunting hot spots
Visual substitions - misperception Can EMF meters detect ghosts?
Is the paranormal at the limits of perception?
Spot the ghost - find a ‘ghost’ in a photo
Dramatic paranormal experiences

Other articles

UFO gallery
Video gallery
Tales from the Paranormal
Memoirs of a Ghost Hunter - Paul Lee (former Technical Officer)

Paranormal blog

For recent updates and comments see the blog!

Practical guides

Vigil equipment** - lots of info!
Witnesses - lots of info!
Photographic anomalies - fully illustrated guide (inc. orbs)
Other strange photos!
Orbs - an introduction
All about orbs!
Investigation methods** - hints, tips, techniques, advice
Eyewitness to the paranormal - how to assess them
How to avoid misreporting
Instrumentation - a brief guide
Formant noise - EVP sounds
Project Albion - a Domesday Book of the paranormal
Table tilting - a beginners guide
All in the Mind - mind phenomena resembling paranormal
Mindsight - more mind stuff resembling paranormal
Experiencing the paranormal - witnesses in ghost vigils
EVP is not just a recent craze*
Investigating SLI - research street light interference
Natural explanations still have to be right!
Analysing paranormal sound recordings (inc. EVP)
Corner of the eye phenomena and shadows
Am I psychic - a guide
Hoaxing - how to spot it
Have I seen a ghost?
Time displaced paranormal
Haunting sounds
Paranormal smells
Doing case reports and butterfly points


Cerdic the Saxon (hypnotic regression) by Hugh Pincott
The Stock Market and the Paranormal by Hugh Pincott
Ouija by William Eyre
First impressions (experiment with witness testimony) by Phil Walton
Psychic art (personal research) by Val Hope
Experiment in numerology by Maurice Townsend
Types of ghost - are there really different kinds?
Ufology faces problems after 60 years
Causes of the paranormal
Paranormal photos - a study into analysing them

Scientific study

New research methods
Critical thinking - assessing the paranormal scientifically
Science and pseudoscience - seven fallacies of reasoning
Scientific methods - in investigations
Why most people think ghosts are spirits.
Filling the void - how we prefer stories to facts
What IS the paranormal?
What science do paranormal investigators need to know?
Scientific method and the paranormal**
Alternative research ideas
Orb Zone Theory - case study
Reliability of witness memory
Coincidence theory of anomalous events
Evaluating the paranormal experimentally
How places get labelled as haunted
Avoiding WYSIWYG thinking!
Xenonormal studies
Paranormal misconceptions
Useful witness testimony

Subject overviews

Ghosts and hauntings overview
UFOs by John Spencer
Poltergeists by Maurice Grosse
Stigmata by John and Anne Spencer
Hypnosis by David Christie-Murray
Hypnosis by Steven Bowkett
Fairies by Viv Francis
Street Light Interference (SLI) by Hilary Evans*
Black Dogs by Chris Huff*
Temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE) by Teresa Sheppard
Flying rods by M Townsend
Shadow ghosts by M Townsend
Misperception primer

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