Privacy and Legal

Privacy and Legal

ASSAP respects your privacy while using our website. We do NOT use cookies on the main ASSAP website* (see all about for information on what they are and how they are used).

While we don’t use cookies*, some limited information about visits to our site is collected in log files kept by the website’s host server computers. This information does not contain the identity of visitors or personal information about them. This information is not used by us.

*Some cookies ARE used by third party software that we use for particular purposes in specialised sub-sections our website. Specifically, we use Moodle software in the ASSAP Virtual Learning Environment. In the version of Moodle we use, there is a session cookie, essential to the software’s function, which is deleted when you leave the site. There is also a Moodle cookie that saves your login details to make it easier when you next visit.

We do not collect any personal information through the website itself, other than through the use of online forms for such purposes as surveys or applying for membership or to attend ASSAP events. Such information is used solely for the purpose explained when filling out the relevant form.

Please e-mail here if you have any questions on this matter with regards to the website.

ASSAP’s privacy policy for members and those subscribing to the mailing list is outlined in a document here.

Cookies may be used by external websites that we link to.

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