Ghost in an empty shop

Ghost in an empty shop
Posted by: Maurice Townsend
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So, I was passing a shop recently when I saw someone inside. The thing is, it was a Sunday and the shop was closed, with no one in it. The ‘person’ I saw also looked a bit odd, somewhat transparent. A ghost, then?

It turned out to be a reflection of someone walking in the street behind me. But the angles involved were such that it looked exactly like someone inside the shop walking along an aisle. Also, the figure looked exactly the right size to be real, which isn’t always true with reflections. So, it was very convincing except for the whole transparent thing – real ghosts don’t actually look like that. If this incident had happened at night, it would probably have looked more real.

Such reflections can look more convincing in ghost photos because it is not always obvious from the picture that there is any glass there. Also, the photographer may forget the glass was even there when they examine the photo after the event. For more on different types of ghost photo, see here. The photo with this article

Author :Maurice Townsend

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