Microsleep with REM

Microsleep with REM

My acquaintance who gets microsleep with REM (MWR see Here) has experienced something new. MA was on a train on a cold winter’s day recently. There was a feeling as if someone briefly brushed MA’s coat. It felt like someone had just sat down in the adjacent seat. At the time MA was experiencing a brief microsleep. The touch made MA wake up immediately and look round to the adjacent seat – but there was no one there. Nor was there anyone nearby. 

What is interesting is that MA has only ever had visual or auditory MWRs before. This is the first one involving the sense of touch. The feeling of being touched by an unseen presence is not unusual in haunting reports. So, it is possible that at least some of these could be caused by MWRs, particularly if the person is sitting down.

Another interesting aspect of this report is that it took place on a train. This seems to be common location for MA to have MWRs. Perhaps, like reading, it tends to put MA in the right state to experience MWRs.

Author :Maurice Townsend 2024

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