The Garden Poltergeist

The Garden Poltergeist
Posted by: Maurice Townsend

The ASSAP blog stretches back over 16 years and includes many hundreds of posts. Sadly, most never made it to the new website. So I’m putting up a few ‘classic’ older posts here, starting with the garden poltergeist from July 2009:

In May (2009) I mentioned the 'garden poltergeist' that has been operating in our neighbourhood recently. Small items left in gardens overnight are found to have moved or disappeared the next morning. Larger items are pushed over. Nobody ever sees these things happen as it is all under cover of darkness.

The mysterious events have continued ever since, usually with something happening every few days. Now the prime suspect has been caught red handed (well, almost!). Last night a witness was looking at their garden from a window and saw nothing unusual. They then left the scene for no more than 2 minutes and returned to see the scene had changed! Firstly there was a fox present. Secondly, an object in the garden, one popular with the 'poltergeist'. had moved! So there was an object frequently moved by the 'poltergeist' and standing right next to it, the prime suspect!

With no other suspects present at the scene, it was almost as good as seeing the fox actually move the object! There is no serious doubt remaining that the garden poltergeist really is a fox!

PS: The ‘poltergeist’ had a particular liking for shoes. A fox was later seen with a shoe in it’s mouth.

Author :Maurice Townsend

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