ASSAP maintains close relations with many other anomaly and paranormal research and investigation groups, including a national network of Affiliated Groups.

Group Affiliation means that ASSAP is satisfied with the basic ethical, investigative and scientific remit of these groups. Groups need to have at least one Approved ASSAP Investigator (AAI), on the National Register of Approved Investigators, in a ‘lead investigator’ position (see training).

ASSAP offers a number of services to Affiliated Groups (free), for example:

Guide to Good Practice - a meaningful guide to establishing and running groups

Limited Insurance - groups benefit from ASSAP’s PLI in some cases

Grants - groups can apply for ASSAP research grants

Investigation Cases - ASSAP will occasionally pass groups cases in their local area

Specialist Panel - groups have access to ASSAP’s bank of specialist researchers on a wide range of phenomena

Web Design– ASSAP can set up a single page website for groups on request

Networking - groups will be given access to a private groups forum to share information

Research – the opportunity to participate in national research projects


If you are interested in becoming, or starting, an Affiliate Group, please email the Groups Officer who will send you an information pack.

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