ASSAP makes small grants towards the cost of research projects. Full details are included with the submission forms.

For anyone considering applying for a grant, here are a few hints to avoid disappointment.

You should be able to state the aim of your project in one simple question. For instance, a realistic project might be to compare how people view their personality depending on whether they read astrology columns regularly. An unrealistic project might be trying to work out whether astrology really works or not!

The project should have adequate resources to realistically answer that question (not relying, for instance, on expensive equipment you don't have access to).

Your application will be processed more quickly (and judged more favourably) if you follow the application procedure outlined with this pdf form - click here to download

Contact ASSAP's Research Department by emailing

Notes: To avoid disappointment please read:
Applicants from outside the UK must be full members of ASSAP
Grants are typically in the order of £100 sterling!

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