Member Investigations

Member Investigations

Become an investigator

Our investigators conduct research into spontaneous cases of anomalous phenomena. Those are cases that are reported to ASSAP, such as ghosts, UFOs, alien animals, etc. Investigations are undertaken according to standardised practices using a code of conduct.

ASSAP operates a National Register of Approved Investigators (AAIs).  AAIs undertake training and complete an investigation write-up to demonstrate their learning.  AAIs may then be approved by ASSAP to undertake ASSAP cases.  The best way to start the process of becoming an AAI is to attend an ASSAP Training Weekend.  The AAI network produces its own newsletter and holds occasional meetings.

Extensive practical investigation tips

For specialist paranormal investigation articles, including cold spots, vigils, 'ghost hunting' and doors that open by themselves. There are a series of pages on the use of instruments on vigils including baselines, paranormal equipment failure and ghost detectors. 

You don't need to understand complex science to investigate. 

Not just ghosts

Inevitably many ASSAP investigations involve ghosts The reason for this is that hauntings recur at a specific location. Therefore, (a) you might get lucky and experience something yourself and (b) you can see if there is anything remarkable about the location.

We do also investigate anything weird like fish falls, UFOs, alien animals, weeping statues, etc. See the ASSAP for a full list of subjects covered.

The department is run by the (NIC) with the assistance of a deputy.

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