Investigations Training

Investigations Training

ARI Training 

18th November 2023 Scolton Manor Pembrokeshire - For more information click HERE Only a few places left.

Introducing the revised ASSAP Investigator Training Programme

Commencing in 2024. ASSAP will be bringing in a new package of training for members who wish to work with ASSAP on cases that are brought to our attention.

There will now be two levels of investigator training, each with clearly defined responsibilities within our investigation teams and both being recognized within the existing NRPI programme.

The first of these will be the ASSAP Accredited Investigator - AAI

AAI’s will be eligible to join an AASAP investigation team and carry out the basic requirements of an ASSAP led investigation. This will include making field observations, recording information and talking to witnesses. Upon the satisfactory completion of their training AAI’s will receive a certificate which will be valid for up to five years, acknowledging their competency as an investigator.

The second level is the ASSAP Registered Investigator - ARI

ARI’s will be eligible to lead an ASSAP investigation team and undertake the management of an investigation. Responsibilities will include, managing the case, liaising with the client, interviewing witnesses and collating the information and field measurements. The lead investigator will also be responsible for producing the case report. ARI’s must first have undergone accreditation via the AAI training course. Upon the satisfactory completion of their training ARI’s will be entered onto the ASSAP Register of Investigators. Registration will be valid for a period of up to 30 months.

Training for each of the two new levels will be tailored towards the slightly different requirements of their role within an investigation team. 

AAI training will consist of two parts. Part A will be in the form of a one-day mixed theory and practical course, including a mentored practice investigation. Part B will be writing a short basic report.

ARI training will consist of three parts. Part A will be a two day mixed theory and practical course, including a mentored practice investigation. Part B will involve writing a more detailed report and evaluation of filed measurements. Part C will be on online module assessing case management skills and ethics.

There is a large backlog of members who have requested to participate in our training programme and in order to facilitate this, it has been decided that for 2023 ASSAP training will concentrate upon the AAI training and commence the ARI from 2024. Existing members who have completed previous NRPI training and registration will continue to be recognized and their status will remain unchanged until we commence the ARI training in 2024.

From 2025 it is planned that we will hold combined AAI / ARI training courses which will be needed to ensure that going forward ASSAP can meet the requirements of future demand and the need for periodic re-training. Also from 2025, we also hope to make the training even more accessible by developing fully online training packages for both the AAI and ARI levels.

In addition to the training of our investigators ASSAP recognizes the high standards that clients should expect from our investigators and to do that we will be introducing Auditing of the investigations. Ordinarily, auditing has been carried out following the submission of every investigation report but we are also introducing two additional levels of auditing from this year.

Random auditing whereby the Investigation Officer or Training Officer may require that all case material is submitted for review and self auditing which allows the lead investigator to ask for the case to be reviewed. These new auditing steps allow ASSAP to intervene earlier to ensure that our standards are being met and to direct any additional resources that might be required to facilitate the successful outcome of a case.

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