Investigations Training

Investigations Training

ASSAP Accredited Investigator (AAI) Training

If you are interested in becoming an ASSAP investigator, our next AAI training day is in Northleach Gloucestershire, on the 27th April 2024. Prospective trainees may put them self forward to participate in one of the two levels of training we provide. Click HERE to book

Training will include participating in a simulated investigation at the Old Prison, together with group and individual exercises. It is a great way to network with like minded people. Once you have undergone the training, you may participate in ASSAP investigations or lead your own group to become an Affiliated ASSAP Group.

ASSAP Accredited Investigator AAI

This is the basic level of training and upon completion you will be eligible to become part of an ASSAP investigation team working on cases which ASSAP have been asked to examine.

ASSAP Registered Investigator ARI

This is a more involved level of training and participants must have previously undertaken the AAI training course as a prerequisite. Upon completion of the ARI training course you will be eligible to take charge of and lead an ASSAP investigation team on cases which ASSAP have been asked to examine. This course will be available in the next few months.

AAI Training Day

ASSAP Accredited Investigator (AAI) training is a one day course, which includes a simulated investigation. - In addition, the training includes a requirement to submit a short written work which must be completed to a satisfactory standard within the allotted time frame for submission.

We start at 10.00am to 5.00pm, with breaks throughout the day. The evening session starts at 7.00pm until 11.00pm (We may run over)

lunch is included, but dinner will be offered at an extra fee. An event plan will be sent out to you with all information you will need within 14 days before the training.

The nearest train station is Cheltenham, we possibly can arrange for you to be collected from the station.


Travel Lodge Cheltenham is about £35.00 a night, for a twin or double.

If you are attending as a group, you can find many local cottages for rent, which a 3 bedroom starts at about £150.00 a night which sleeps 7

ASSAP Has the right to refund those who are not suitable for the training. 

ASSAP training is ONLY open to members

No Refunds Given

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