Door ghost returns looking ominous

Door ghost returns looking ominous

It’s back – the door ghost (see here and here)! Recently, I was exiting ‘that door’ when I noticed an ominous looking dark figure directly behind me, reflected in the frosted glass of the door window. I turned around rapidly to see no one there.

I haven’t seen the ghost since September (see here) and certainly wasn’t thinking about it. So why now? The ghost used to appear frequently but only appears every few months these days. Long investigation has shown the ghost to be a misperception of part of my own body which appears as a figure behind me. Misperceptions generally happen in poor viewing conditions. However, in this case, viewing conditions were excellent.

I was wearing a dark coat, which is unusual for me. I think this particular misperception may have come from a brief glance. Sadly, I didn’t continue to look at it but turned round instead. Had I continued to look it is likely the misperception would have vanished as I watched but I’ll never now. Once I looked back at the window the ‘figure’ had gone. I haven’t seen it again in the days following though I use the door frequently. It seems misperceptions can happen any time and they are almost always unexpected. I’m sure they account for a significant proportion of ghost sightings.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2023

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