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ASSAP is a charity and learned society founded in 1981 to investigate, research and educate on a wide range of anomalous phenomena, from hauntings to UFOs, mediumship to monsters. This members sections always special access to the work done at ASSAP.

The first Sunday of each month ASSAP has a Sunday Social. You will need to be a member to be able to access this from a zoom link sent out to members each month. If you are not a member, you can join for as little as £5.00 annually, for more information on memberships, click here

ASSAP holds weekly webinars at present for members, you can join for as little as £5.00 annually.

We hold our Seriously Strange Conference every year. If you are interested in being a speaker, or would like to attend, you can find out more information here. Next Conference 31st August - 1st September2024.

The ASSAP website has an extensive library of articles including classic cases from our archives, the use of science in paranormal investigation, ghosts (our most extensively researched subject), the use of equipment on investigations and examinations of some of the many subjects we cover. We address popular questions like: am i psychic, have i really seen a ghost and could my house be haunted? And there's a research blog


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