ASSAP Events

ASSAP Events

Seriously Strange Conference

Top speakers in the field today will come together to discuss topics such as ghosts, vampires, cryptozoology, poltergeists and UFOs. We have a variety of academic speakers and lay researchers and a blend of accessible and more academic talks. See the top experts debating anomalous phenomena and have a chance to get involved in the debates. Give your opinion on the burning questions of the day, or just sit back and watch the debate unfold around you.

Next conference 2024 - Keep checking back

National Register of Paranormal Investigators 

 AAI Training.

ASSAP will be bringing in a new package of training for members who wish to work with ASSAP on cases that are brought to our attention. There will now be two levels of investigator training, each with clearly defined responsibilities within our investigation teams and both being recognized within the existing NRPI programme.

AAI’s will be eligible to join an AASAP investigation team and carry out the basic requirements of an ASSAP led investigation. This will include making field observations, recording information and talking to witnesses.

ARI’s will be eligible to lead an ASSAP investigation team and undertake the management of an investigation. Responsibilities will include, managing the case, liaising with the client, interviewing witnesses and collating the information and field measurements. The lead investigator will also be responsible for producing the case report. ARI’s must first have undergone accreditation via the AAI training course. Upon the satisfactory completion of their training ARI’s will be entered onto the ASSAP Register of Investigators.

These places fill up fast, so if you are interested, in taking part in the AAI training day, you can email us at 

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