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UFO Photo Gallery
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These photos are really IFOs rather than UFOs (all the objects were identified at the time of exposure). However, if you discovered a strange object in the sky on a photo you might think it was a UFO. Here are some possible terrestrial causes.

UFO against cloud


In the photo on the left you can see a small dark spot against the cloud. If you look at the enlarged version of the photo (right) you can see it is a flying bird (confirmed at the time of exposure).

UFO over a building

There is a small dark and light coloured object in the photo on the left. It even resembles the classic flying saucer shape. A telephoto view, on the right, reveals the object to be a helicopter.

UFO glinting in the sun

The UFO in the photo on the left appears to have a metallic sheen. However, seen from another angle (right) it is revealed as a toy balloon. There are some such balloons on sale that are ‘flying saucer’ shaped! They could easily produce dramatically obvious UFOs!

White UFO

There is long white object in the left photo here. A telephoto view (right) reveals the true nature of the white UFO. Of course, we all know what planes look like but in the distance they can look different.

UFO diving

The object in the photo on the left is catching the sun and is clearly above a tree. An enlargement (right) reveals that the UFO is, in fact, a diving falcon! Birds don’t always show their wings in photos.

Grey metallic UFO

The object looks like a classic grey metallic saucer shaped UFO behind a tree. Zoom shows it to be a helicopter. In the first photo the UFO is out of focus!

Transparent UFO with lights

This photo (left) apparently shows a transparent ‘saucer’ with two lights at either end behind a roof. In reality (right) it is an out of focus soap bubble in the foreground of a photo of a roof. The ‘lights’ are out of focus highlights at opposite ends of the bubble.

Light in the sky

The photo (left) shows a ‘classic’ saucer-shaped ‘light in the sky’. The photo was taken through a glass window and the UFO is actually a reflection of a light inside the building. The slightly enhanced close-up (right) shows it more clearly. You can make out the light bulb in the top right of the ‘saucer’.

UFO near the horizon: 1

This object looks like a saucer with a central raised dome above. A telephoto view (right) reveals it to be a plane, coming in to land, from behind.

Orange UFOs

Silent, floating orange UFOs are increasingly common. Sometimes red or yellow they often appear in groups. The image on the left is out of focus, hence the diamond shape. The true identity, shown on the right, is a sky lantern. See this video for more info.

UFO near the horizon: 2

The UFO near the horizon in the photo on the left looks to have an odd shape. A telephoto view (right) reveals the parachute-like shape of a parasail. The fact that it is near the horizon should always make you consider the possibilities of a kite, parasail or tethered balloon.

White UFO above a wall

The tiny gleaming white object in the photo on the left was observed performing some extraordinary aerial manoeuvres. That’s because it was not a large distant object but a tiny feather, as seen on the right, when zoomed in.

Author :Maurice Townsend 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

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