A glitch in time or just a ghost?

A glitch in time or just a ghost?

Here's another recent strange experience from my acquaintance (MA) who is subject to microsleep with REM (MWR - see here). MA saw a dark tall figure standing sideways on in a room. Then, instantly, with no observed movement, the person was sitting in an adjacent chair. Nothing else in the scene changed at all. This was, of course, impossible. Maybe it was a glitch in time which suddenly jumped forward a few seconds.

Some background information may help explain this strange occurrence. The person sitting in the chair was known to MA. However, the original tall dark figure was someone MA did not recognise. When MA saw the standing figure there was no one apparently sitting in the chair. Of course, it may simply be that MA didn't notice if there was someone in the chair or not. The key fact is that MA felt like coming out of a MWR as the dark figure vanished.

The dark figure, a ghost produced by a MWR, was clearly inserted into a real scene. As MA came out of the MWR the figure vanished leaving only the real scene behind. MA saw a person sitting down and unconsciously assumed it was the same figure. It may have been an example of 'dream knowledge'. That's when you just 'know' a fact in a dream even though you haven't seen anything to corroborate it in the dream itself. Had MA not made this assumption the figure would simply have been interpreted as a ghost. Instead it was interpreted as a real person who mysteriously moved instantaneously between a standing and seated position = possibly a time glitch.

I strongly suspect that such unconscious assumptions are quite common in paranormal reports. Certain facts may be assumed by a witness to an unusual scene that lead to a paranormal interpretation, even when there is a natural explanation. Someone in a near sleep state may well be subject to 'dream knowledge' which affects the memory of what they actually experienced.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2020

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