A moaning ghost?

A moaning ghost?

There was a building I used to frequent many years ago. It was notable for an odd occurrence. Once in a while you could hear a loud blood-curdling moan in one particular room. There was invariably no one in the room at the time nor anything that could be obviously causing the sound. It came and went and could go on for hours. Several people heard it. This happened maybe once a year or less. A moaning ghost?

I was able to investigate the sound at the time and determined it was caused by the wind interacting with some features on the wall on the exterior of the room. It only occurred very rarely because it depended on the wind blowing strongly from a particular direction which was unusual for that locality. It was a good example of an apparent paranormal phenomenon being caused by a coincidence.

I am sure many paranormal reports are caused by coincidences but they are very hard to investigate. Supposing, in this example, many witnesses had reported the same moaning independently. An investigator would reasonably conclude there was definitely something going on. However, the investigator might visit the scene many times and never hear the phenomenon.  The case would remain ‘unexplained’ which to some people equates to ‘paranormal’, even though it actually had a natural explanation. People might even start looking into the history of the building to see who the ‘ghost’ might be and why they might be moaning!

PS: For any readers who remember the ‘garden poltergeist’ reported in this blog (see here) an interesting report here. Many of the objects moved in the garden polt case were shoes!

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2020

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