A psychic near miss?

A psychic near miss?

I recently mentioned that I never wear a watch but usually just know what the time is anyway (see here) with reasonable accuracy. Buy what happened today was entirely new.

Normally, when I want to know the time and there is no clock or electronic device  around I just guess. But today when I needed to know the time, for no obvious reason, I saw a clock in my mind’s eye. It was a large electronic clock with an LED display that read 16.25. I don’t know of any clock that looks exactly like that one so it was’t a memory. Straight away I went to a real clock. It read 16.24! So a near miss then?

I’m not so sure! I often hear about near misses in psychic experiences but I’ve always regarded them as dubious. After all, a miss is a miss. Once you start counting near misses it’s too easy to manipulate statistics to produce whatever answer you want.

I’ve heard it argued that psychic divination is a difficult process and naturally tends to be only approximate. So if I was getting a psychic vision that it was 16.25 when it was actually 16.24 that was actually rather good! But the clock I saw in my ‘vision’ does not exist. Could it be someone else’s clock? If so, why am I getting to see it? Or was it a premonition? Will I actually see that exact clock at 16.25 on some future date? We’ll have to see!

It is possible to construct such psychic interpretations of events quite easily. But going back to the original event, I wanted to know the time. I had a vision of a clock with the almost correct time. An alternative interpretation of the event would be that I did my usual guess of the time and simply projected it as a vision instead of simply thinking of the time as a a number as usual. In other words, there is a non-psychic interpretation that seems perfectly likely to me.

Now if I DO  see that exact clock showing 16.25 over the next few weeks I will tend towards the psychic explanation. Otherwise I think I’ll stick with a psychological explanation as it seems simpler and more likely.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2020

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