Dark UFO

Dark UFO

UFOs sometimes crop up in photos when nothing unusual was seen in the sky at the time of exposure. Of course, this is a much more common occurrence for ghosts. For most ghost photos the usual explanation is a photographic artefact caused by such things as over or under exposure, slow shutter speed, focus problems and so on. With UFO pictures it’s more likely to be a case of misidentification.

A  mysterious dark object in the sky recently. I actually knew what it was at the time. However, if someone else had taken the photo and not noticed the object I can easily see why they might consider it a UFO when they looked at the resulting picture.  

On fact it’s a bird – a kestrel. It is hovering and it just happens to resemble the classic saucer shape of a typical UFO. I have a number of photos of the same bird and all look much more obviously bird-like. So this picture was just a coincidence.  But then so many anomalous observations turn out to be caused by coincidences (see here). I have documented many in this blog over the years and think it is an underestimated caused of anomalous reports. Incidentally, someone zooming in on the object in the photo would quickly decide it was a bird. However, if the photo was low resolution this might not be the case.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2021

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