Distorted voice from nowhere

Distorted voice from nowhere

I’ve had no reports of any unusual activity from MA (my acquaintance who gets MWRs - microsleep with REM experiences - see here) recently which is unusual in itself. MA's MWRs seemed to increase during the first lockdown but then cease. But now there is a new report just as the second lockdown has arrived. I doubt it’s a coincidence!

Anyway, MA was watching a computer doing something that required no intervention when suddenly there was a voice. There was no one nearby when the voice was heard and the sound did not come from the computer.  The unrecognized male voice talked about ‘dreadful smiles’ and, intriguingly, ‘ghosts‘ among other stuff MA can’t remember. What made the voice unique among MA’s experience was that it sounded electronically distorted, like a badly tuned radio.

I’m not sure what significance this distortion may have. Perhaps it is a memory of a real voice heard on a radio or other electronic device (see here for previous thoughts on this topic). Indeed, it would appear to support the idea that these voice MWRs are actual memory snippets. If the voices came from some other source you might expect them to be more similar to each other, To someone who gets MWRs but is unaware of their natural explanation, this latest voice could definitely appear to be paranormal.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2020

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