Ghostly hand photo

Ghostly hand photo

So here’s a photo of a ghostly skeletal hand reaching upwards. Maybe. If you can’t see it, look at the white object in the centre of the picture. There’s a thumb at the bottom (left side) and the extended index finger next to it. There is a gap (fingers splayed) to the next two fingers and the little finger is hidden. Bits of dirt conceal parts of the hand, especially the middle of the two splayed fingers. Overall the hand looks unusually broad. See it now? Don’t worry if you can’t. It’s a misperception which varies between people. Some people see it, others don't. It will also depend on the device you are using.

So what is the ‘hand’ really? It’s a tiny waterfall just a few centimeters high. It causes motion blur which is a trigger of misperception. The 'hand' itself is momentary reflections of the sky. Not that anyone watching the waterfall would have seen the ‘hand’. A second photo taken less than a second later shows a completely different pattern, no hint of a hand. The camera catches an instant in fast-moving detail that the unaided eye will never see. That is what is going on in many apparent anomalous photos. Something real (not paranormal - maybe just a reflection) is there for a short period, just as the photo is taken, and the photographer never notices it. But it shows up as a mystery object when the picture is examined later.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2021

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