Ghosts from a train?

Ghosts from a train?

So, I was on a train the other day. Train travel tends to send me to sleep. I have gone beyond my stop as a result a few times. So when I wake up on a train my first thought is where am I this time?   I often feel a bit anxious until I’ve worked out my location. I mention this because it may have contributed to my strange experience.


I woke up and immediately looked out of the window to see where I was. What I saw was a station platform apparently populated by misty human figures. It was bizarre! I know real ghosts aren’t misty but the first thought that entered my head was nevertheless ghosts! I guess that’s the unconscious effect of cultural imprinting.


After a few seconds the misty ghosts became clearer – they were real people standing on a station platform. Thankfully I recognised the station – I hadn’t gone beyond my destination. So why did the people look misty? I wear glasses and also a face mask when using public transport at present. As often happens with this combination, my glasses had steamed up! It was only a mystery because I woke up and didn’t know what was going on. Had my glasses steamed while I was awake I would have known straight away what was going on. Reports of anomalous phenomena are often the result of such coincidences when several factors all happen to occur together.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2021

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