Ghosts in circles

Ghosts in circles

There seems to be an endless stream of ghost photos in the media and on the web. Many of them are circled which is why I was going to do the same here. Unlike this picture, most of these ghost photos need their circles because otherwise it’s difficult to see anything remarkable there at all.  The only thing all these photos have in common, apart from circles, is that the photographer thinks they depict a ghost. Why? Usually because the photos were taken in haunted locations. Suppose exactly the same photo was taken at the same location at the same time but the location was not reputedly haunted. Would anyone have examined the photo closely? And would they have found what they thought was a ghost?

I’ve seen lots of these circled ghost photos. A large proportion show a shape that might be a face or human figure. However, it could also be another object, or group of objects, that just happen to resemble a face or figure. The photos are often taken in poor lighting conditions  or the ‘ghost’ is a long way off. I always wish the photographer had taken some more photos of the same scene at the time, ideally closer-in and with much-improved lighting. But, in most cases, the photographer wasn’t aware of anything odd at the time so why would they. That fact tends straight away to suggest a photographic artefact (see here).

Why am I going on about ghosts in circles? Just because there seem to be more and more of them and they never seem to get any more convincing. What are the eyes in the bush? Leaves catching the light in front of a gap. No ghosts have been reported at the location as far as I am aware. Oh and I've just seen a big face with a beard and wearing sunglasses just the the left of the eyes. How did I miss that?

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2021

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