Ghosts walking on a different level

Ghosts walking on a different level

You may recall a post last month when I saw a ghostly partial figure (see here - includes explanation of illustration right). It was caused by a reflection of a figure behind me. I was looking out through a window and saw legs, with no body, apparently walking in front of a bush. What made the sighting so striking and realistic was that the feet of the ‘ghost’ appeared to be on the ground in the reflected image I saw.


But what if, due to different angles of reflection, the legs appeared to be above the ground? The partial figure might then appear to be floating. I have come across a number of ghost reports where the figure appears to be floating.


And what if, again due to different angles of reflection, I could see a whole figure but it lacked feet? This is possible because the figure I saw was being partially illuminated by the sun with the bits in shadow apparently missing. A figure apparently lacking feet might be interpreted as walking on a different (older) floor or ground level, as might one floating above the ground. Also, a figure that did have feet but they were apparently below floor or ground level might also be seen as walking on a different level. There are, of course, several reports of ghosts walking on a different level. This is put down to the ghost walking on the old level of path or floor from a different time. It seems to me that at least some of these reports could be explained by reflection if a window or other suitable reflective object is present.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2021

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