How big is that UFO?

How big is that UFO?

I was taking some photos of wildlife recently, as you do, when I came across a UFO. It appears as a small black blob om a photo (see right). The blob does not appear in photos taken of the same scene just seconds before and after this frame. It is the obvious blob in the sky above and to the left of the bird sitting on the branch.

It is difficult to say how big or how distant the object is. I am constantly amazed when I hear in UFO reports the altitude and size of an unknown object seen in the sky. Unless that object is interacting with something else in the sky of known size or altitude (like a cloud) I don't see how you can know how far up it is. If it was an identified object, like a bird or a plane, you would know its size and so be able to estimate its altitude from its apparent size in the sky. But with an unidentified object I just don't see how this is possible.

insect UFO Anyway, by cropping the blob (pic right) I was able to determine that it was an insect, possibly a bee or fly. Luckily this was quite a high resolution photo. Had it been a low resolution photo, or one that had been highly compressed, the wings might not have shown up. It would then appear as a black blob and still be unidentified. It could have been interpreted as something large a long way away which could move at an incredible speed! Indeed, it m eight be interpreted as an oval 'craft' moving too fast to be any kind of conventional plane!

When I first saw the photo I was intrigued and had no idea what the object might be. It could, indeed, have been something large in the distance. I noticed nothing at the time I took the photo but, given its tiny size, that's hardly surprising. Sadly many photos of anomalies are of low resolution or heavily compressed. I'm sure many would no longer be a mystery if they hadn't been.

insect UFO

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2020

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