I am a ghost!

I am a ghost!

Apparently, I am now a ghost! Or I have a doppelganger. But which is it?

I found out when someone recently expressed astonishment at seeing me. They were astonished because they had just seen me, seconds before, in a different place. They explained that they’d seen me quite clearly in a different room. They had even spoken to me. I heard the remark from where I actually was not knowing it was directed towards the ‘other me’!

Apparently the other me was dressed slightly differently but apart from that recognizably me. So was it a doppelganger? Luckily I didn't see the ‘other me’ myself. I’ve heard bad things happen if you meet your own doppelganger. I did once meet someone who looked just like me. I used to walk along a particular street most days going to work and one day a man told me I looked just like his son. Then one day his son was there and it was true. It felt a bit strange but it was definitely a real person. For more on meeting your double, see here.

The ‘other me’ in the recent sighting was not a real person, however, because there was no one else present at the time. I talked to the witness and examined the scene of the sighting of my doppelganger. It became apparent that the sighting was made with a glance using peripheral vision from over 5m away. My ‘figure’ appears to have been visually constructed out of other objects, particularly a patterned curtain. It was, therefore, a glance and peripheral vision misperception (see here). So I am not a ghost after all and neither do I have a doppelganger. As far as I know.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2020

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