On shadow ghosts 2

On shadow ghosts 2

Looking out of a window one night recently at a familiar scene I noticed a strange black shape about the size of a fox. I watched ot for a while but it was completely still. I decided it was simply a shadow thrown by a nearby street light that I’d not noticed before.  So, not a ghost then!

Suddenly the shape started to move, quickly trotting out of sight. It was indeed a fox. Now, supposing I’d turned away briefly just before the fox moved and then returned to look back again after it had gone, just a few seconds later. I might easily have concluded I’d seen a shadow ghost!

Had that second scenario actually occurred it would have been an apparent ghost sighting actually caused by a coincidence. I have witnessed many such unlikely coincidences that could be interpreted as ghost sightings over the years and I know they’re not that unusual.  What causes the ghostly interpretation is invariably that the witness is unaware of a vital bit of information about what they’ve seen. It is such ‘missing information’ that I believe is behind a great many apparent anomalous reports.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2022

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