Overhearing ghosts?

Overhearing ghosts?

"Louise <surname garbled>, Hampshire" a woman says. "Yes of course I know who you are" a man replied, sounding slightly exasperated. My acquaintance (MA) who gets microsleep with REM experiences (MWRs – see here) heard this exchange recently while reading in silence. Someone was also heard singing and there was the sound of a person walking nearby. Needless to say, MA was alone and all the sounds were MWRs. MA  has been hearing such snatches of conversation for a while now. The sound effects (walking) are new but keep happening now (see here for earlier examples). It is as if the MWR phenomenon is evolving.  MA says it sounds like listening to a radio play. It could easily be taken for overhearing ghosts by someone unaware of the natural explanation for MWRs.

MA also gets visual MWRs. Sometimes these consist of the scene actually in front of MA  with additional elements, usually a figure. And sometimes the scene is somewhere quite different to where MA is. It was this latter type that produced an interesting experience recently. MA saw am unfamiliar woman closing a door while talking (cannot remember words). What was interesting was that the woman was apparently looking at someone just to MA’s left but not in view.  She never looked directly at MA.  Nevertheless, it was still possible the woman was actually addressing MA. Next there was a male voice which said "when patience follows, low lives are still". I’m not sure if that is insight or just nonsense! What is interesting is the scene is a bit like the overheard conversation MWRs but with visuals. And still it is ambiguous about whether MA is part of the scene or not! Maybe a future MWR will sort that question out once and for all.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2021

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