Paranormal object movement

Paranormal object movement

One of the common symptoms of a haunting is object movement and disappearance. Someone will put an object down only to find it has gone when they next need it. One possible natural explanation for this is that the person simply misremembered where they left the object. I have now come across another possible xenonormal explanation.

My acquaintance (MA) who gets microsleep with REM (MWR - see here) experiences has been getting a new kind of MWR recently. Interestingly, this particular MWR has recurred several times. In it. MA is sitting down holding something. Suddenly the object slithers and falls only for MA to then quickly catch it again. The object is a magazine or large envelope or something similar. At that point MA comes out of the MWR and is confused because there is no such object present!

This appears to represent a new kind of MWR where MA is participating in the scenario. Usually, MA just appears to be a passive observer doing nothing.  This kind of MWR could produce a memory of someone doing something that they never actually did.  It wouldn’t be a false memory. Instead it would be a real memory of an event that never physically took place. It might be putting down an object in a particular place only to find it missing from there later. Someone getting MWRs but not aware of their natural cause might see it as a paranormal object movement.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2021

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