Possible origins of some haunting noises

Possible origins of some haunting noises

Recently (see here) I mentioned how my acquaintance (MA) who gets microsleep with REM  experiences (MWR – see here) heard a voice that sounded electronically distorted. Since then, while reading, MA heard what sounded like a voice over a PA mentioning a list of place names. It gave the distinct impression of being an announcement at a railway station! MA was not at a station and there was no one nearby. This, again, suggests that these voice MWRs may be actual memories of real speech. Also, once again,  a voice-MWR happened while MA was reading which is a frequent association.

Interestingly, MA also heard a sound like someone cutting cardboard. Needless to say, there was no one doing any such thing nearby. It looks like some sound-only MWRs may involve things other than speech! This could have implications for ghostly noises which are the most commonly reported phenomena in hauntings. Some people who get MWRs, but are unaware of their natural origins,  might think noises without obvious causes that they hear are part of a haunting.

Finally, my doppelganger (see here) has been seen again by the same witness in the same place. Usually misperceptions don’t recur for the same witness because they know what is really there. However, in this case the curtain had moved making a similar but different shape. It was different enough to produce  a new misperceived ghost.

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