Strange rules

Strange rules

MA (my acquaintance who experiences MWRs – microsleep with REM -see here) was trying to turn off the TV with the remote control but all that happened was the screen dimmed slightly. MA looked down and checked - it was definitely the right button, it just had no effect. Then MA had the feeling of coming out of a MWR. The scene was identical except MA  was not holding the remote. MA tried the remote and it worked perfectly switching the TV off.

So what, you may say? Well I see a pattern emerging here in this type of MWR where MA sees exactly the same scene as is really there. In every case, there is just one thing different to the real scene. It might be a voice talking to MA, though alone. It could be a human figure, looking at MA.  Or, as in this case, MA  is holding something; in other cases it’s been a book or magazine. In every case, this addition to the real scene vanishes when MA  wakes up.

So how does this work? Why does the MWR only add just one thing to a real scene?  Why not two or none? If the latter, might MA not even notice a MWR? MA always has a feeling of coming out of a MWR so we can rules that out. And why didn’t the remote work? Maybe, if you can only have one new element to the scene it couldn't change the TV as well as have MA using the remote. There do appear to be rules to how this type of MWR, based on the real scene ahead, works. This might help us recognise a MWR as being behind a strange report from someone who may be unaware they get MWRs.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2021

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