The haunted trolley

The haunted trolley

Outside a big supermarket on a very hot sunny day recently I stopped to have a cold drink in the heat. Then, to my amazement, a supermarket trolley rolled past me on its own and only stopped when it hit a post. I looked behind me immediately to see who had pushed the trolley suspecting a prank. I was shocked to see there was no one anywhere nearby. So, a haunted trolley!

I had just walked through the area where the trolley had come from and it was mainly enclosed by the supermarket building itself and fences. I don’t remember seeing the trolley there but I wouldn’t have noticed it as there are always lots around in such areas. I concluded there wouldn’t have been time for anyone to have pushed the trolley and then got far enough away for me not to see them when I turned round. So the trolley moved by itself, apparently!

If I’d videoed this incident that is certainly the impression you’d have got. However, I have omitted one fact you’d never have guessed from such a video. Despite it being a hot sunny day, it was also rather windy (gusting up to 50 km/h)! This is quite an unusual combination, at least in England, where hot weather is typically associated with light winds. I think the wind blew the trolley, not some invisible ghost. I think this shows that even unedited videos can give a wrong impression because they don’t necessarily show all relevant information.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2022

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