Time loop?

Time loop?

OK this is a weird one! What if you saw something happen twice with different outcomes? It would be a sort of time loop and one that could be altered. It certainly would be anomalous. So here’s an account of such an event that happened recently.

The witness was on a train near one of the doors. There was a passenger waiting to get off standing in front of a door. The passenger, a middle-aged woman, was pulling a wheeled suitcase. The train stopped and the doors opened automatically. The woman walked off pulling her suitcase. However, the case became entangled with the doors that were too narrow for the case. This was despite the fact that the case was much less than a metre wide.

Then, suddenly the woman was back on the train which was just stopping AGAIN. This time the SAME woman had a rucksack and NO wheeled case! This time she pushed a button to open the door and exited without difficulty.

Yes, this really happened! Regular readers will not be completely surprised to hear the witness was my acquaintance (MA) who gets microsleep with REM (MWR – see here) experiences. The first part of the experience was clearly a MWR while the second half was reality. This is known because reality continued as normal after the second version. MA has never had a ‘time loop’ experience like this before and it was disconcerting! One curious detail is that the wheeled case would have easily fitted through the doors, had it existed. It was a mistake that should have pointed to a MWR. I’ve not come across a paranormal report like this but it doesn’t mean they haven’t occurred. What are the implications of this bizarre experience. I’ll have to think about that! Comments welcome

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2022

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