Visual remote viewing

Visual remote viewing

“Are you going to do anything tendentious?” Yes, came the reply. Regular readers will no doubt guess that this cryptic overheard exchange comes from my acquaintance (MA) who gets microsleep with REM experiences (MWRs – see here). MA gets these voice MWRs quite frequently, often while reading. They sound like snippets of overheard conversations except MA is alone. MA never recognises the voices. I think they are memories of real overheard conversations. So, is there anything noteworthy about this latest example? Only that I’d love to have heard the rest of this conversation.

Now for the novel bit. As well as voice MWRs MA  gets visual MWRs. In these MA is briefly ‘transported’ to somewhere where MA is not. Effectively it’s a mini dream. What is interesting about these MWRs is that they are invariably places MA does not recognise. So these MWR s are probably not simple memories but landscapes manufactured out of remembered elements from different real places, like in a normal dream (see here for how this might happen). MA doesn’t remember ordinary night dreams much so cannot say if unknown landscapes are usual.

Anyway, MA recently had a MWR which WAS a familiar place. What makes this interesting is that it would feel very real to someone who had MWRs but wasn’t aware of their natural origins. It might feel like a paranormal experience like remote viewing. Why such familiar scenes are unusual I've no idea.

Author :© Maurice Townsend 2021

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